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Become partner

DivorceHotel is one of the most well-known and fastest growing Divorce Business in the world. Well-trained and experienced divorce mediators, who run their existing businesses, can join DivorceHotel. As official DivorceHotel Mediators they will be able to expand their operation with DivorceHotel Mediations.  DivorceHotel Mediators work fully independently and at their own risk during DivorceHotel Mediation procedures. They also operate in accordance with our philosophy, working procedures and rules of conduct. DivorceHotel Mediators will be able to strengthen their business and distinguish themselves from their competitors. Members of DivorceHotel:

  • Will be part of the famous international DivorceHotel Mediator network (references and network ability)
  • Are allowed to benefit from the DivorceHotel Concept, philosophy and method!
  • Will be allowed to use the DivorceHotel brand/logos and present themselves as official members of DivorceHotel
  • Will be allowed to use the DivorceHotel Mediator title
  • Are allowed to join our trainings and (international) conferences!

Please Note! The membership is only for qualified and experienced divorce mediators. All new members will be required to pass our audit.