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During your stay in our hotels you will remain entirely anonymous. Nobody will know about the reason for your stay – at DivorceHotel you will be staying alongside the other hotel guests, resting assured that your anonymity is protected.

Whilst we cannot 100% guarantee a successful outcome to your divorce (because, after all, that is largely down to you) what our mediators can guarantee you is that they will be 100% committed to ensuring a positive outcome. At DivorceHotel we will do all that we can to make your separation as professional, fast, affordable and positive as possible. We will provide you with a fixed cost service within a clearly defined timescale – from the very start you will know when the process will end.

If you have any complaint then we would like to hear this as soon as possible in order that we resolve any issues and find ways to improve our services to you.

Click here for our terms & conditions.

Note: DivorceHotel Mediators operate in accordance with the DivorceHotel philosophy, working procedures and rules of conduct, but work fully independently and at their own risk during DivorceHotel mediation procedures. Therefore, the responsibility and liability lie with the DivorceHotel Mediator to the full extent. DivorceHotel, A2 Legal BV and DivorceHotel International BV accept no liability whatsoever for the operation of DivorceHotel Mediators.