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I would like to settle my divorce in an office

Our DivorceHotel Mediators will help you in a professional, swift and affordable way, assisting you in the process of getting a divorce. During this process we offer you our range of independent professional experts (such as accountants, brokers, etc.). This way there can be no interference from any prejudiced or perhaps ‘unprofessional’ family members, friends, or other affiliated parties.

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At  DivorceHotel the mediation takes place in a hotel. We choose to have the negotiations at a hotel, not only because this is neutral territory, but also because the hotel provides a more relaxing atmosphere, while being equipped with all kinds of comfortable amenities, which make it a very suitable location for the mediation process. If desired, the mediation sessions can also take place in one of the hotel offices of DivorceHotel. At DivorceHotel it is all about our DivorceHotel philosophy – to split up in a swift, efficient and affordable way. This philosophy is also guaranteed when you opt for an office divorce!

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