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The COVID-19 developments are, of course, affecting DivorceHotel's global operations. We are following all recently released COVID-19 guidelines and are taking every precaution to protect our community!

Whilst we are not able to use our hotel locations for the time being, we are still able to help you to split up in an amicable way via our established online DivorceHotel divorce solution.

We are here to assist you, please get in touch with us as usual via phone, send us an email or send your question directly via our website. On behalf of DivorceHotel International I wish everybody luck, stay strong and healthy and I hope we meet soon in person and in good health!

Jim Halfens


DivorceHotel International

David Leckie is a highly-experienced couple counsellor and FMC accredited Family Mediator. Having witnessed many examples of bitter and acrimonious divorces in the UK and having seen the negative effect this can have on families in the long term, David was intrigued to hear about DivorceHotel when some Dutch friends of his told him about their experience of the service in the Netherlands. Hearing about the positivity of the concept, David determined to bring the concept to the UK and, together with DivorceHotel’s lead UK lawyer, Clare Thornton, he successfully launched the first hotel in York in March 2017.

As well as being DivorceHotel’s UK Country Manager, David is an experienced radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist – in this blog he writes about divorce and how best to ensure that it is as positive an experience as it can be. If you have any questions for David, please send him an email!

Happy with the way your Divorce is going?

14 February 2018

Just to set the scene (because I don’t know when you might be reading this) I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day, that one day of the year when LOVE is in the air, (together with inflated flower prices, and ‘no room at the inn’ at your favourite local pizzeria :-)). Given the title of this … read more »

David Leckie about conscious uncoupling – beginners guide…

12 September 2017

It is with hearts full of sadness that we have decided to separate. We have been working hard for well over a year, some of it together, some of it separated, to see what might have been possible between us, and we have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much … read more »

September – the second busiest time of year for Divorce!!

1 September 2017

The summer holidays are over! It’s back to work / back to school and family life gets back to normal. For some people, the sentence above is tinged with sadness – I genuinely hope you fall into that category. You really enjoyed spending time with your other half (and children if you have them) and … read more »

DivorceHotel – the “Uber of divorce”

22 May 2017

Taxis and divorce – on the surface they wouldn’t seem to have a lot in common, but as we here at DivorceHotel have had that comparison made several times recently (BBC World Service, New York Observer) it’s interesting to explore some similarities! I expect, like me, you have experienced flying into a far away country … read more »

Making your Divorce just a little bit better. Lesson number 1

1 May 2017

Are you feeling a bit raw right now? If you’re reading this, and you’ve just started out on the divorce journey, you may well be in a pretty emotional and turbulent place. I certainly was, some 15 years ago, when – like you – I was facing up to the harsh reality of the Beginning … read more »